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Qingming suspended the city's citizens on the scene of sweeping activities

Publisher:   Release time:2021/9/25

According to the response will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak zone spreading mechanism on further do a good job in the civil service notice of epidemic prevention and control work and the guangdong province department of epidemic prevention and control during the qingming festival martyrs's burial services related work notice spirit, in order to avoid because of concentrated martyrs's activities during the qingming festival trigger input and aggregation epidemic, To protect the health and safety of the general public: All cemeteries, urns and other funeral service institutions in the city will suspend the public on-site memorial activities from now on; Mass gathering activities such as group and community public offerings, sea burial of ashes and tree burial of ashes will be suspended. Deferred payment of cemetery management fees, ashes storage fees and other fees. The recovery time will be further informed based on the development of the epidemic situation. At present, the city's major cemetery entrances have been set up barricades, all vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited from entering. At the same time, according to the Guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and control during The Qingming Festival in Guangdong Province, relevant staff also suggested that Chinese nationals of foreign nationality, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese should not return to Guangdong temporarily or in groups during the Qingming Festival, and postpone their return to Visit ancestors and relatives. A number of measures have been introduced to safeguard travel safety (a) because of some citizens are still travel demand, is expected to April 3, 2020 in the evening with a wave of small travel peak, traffic police in the evening the whole police work ahead of time, to strengthen the main check channel jam, best entrance in sacrificial places and the surrounding road traffic guidance and control, at the same time in the main worship places surrounding traffic intersection set reminder CARDS, Closed cemetery entrance and surrounding roads to strengthen counselling guidance. (2) Free passage will continue to be implemented on expressways during the Qingming Festival in 2020, and some expressways are expected to be congested. Traffic police will strengthen the investigation and punishment of traffic violations and order maintenance of expressways and their entrances and exits; We will further strengthen the linkage between police and medical services, standardize the work of providing quick compensation for minor accidents, and open up green channels for emergency treatment of traffic accident victims. (III) In line with the current COVID-19 prevention and control requirements at the provincial and municipal levels, the traffic police will further strengthen the standardized law enforcement and security protection work of the police during the Qingming Festival holiday, and carry out night patrol during the holiday, especially the night patrol from 2 am to 6 am, to ensure the night traffic safety during the holiday.

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