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Understand the cooling method of CNC cutting machine

Publisher:   Release time:2021/10/5

Because CNC cutting machine has a very important role in many industries, so we will be more interested in it, want to know what kind of equipment it is, in fact, we will find that it is indeed very good in many aspects after in-depth understanding. Let's see how it cools down. CNC cutting machine cooling mode is divided into: water cooling and air cooling two, to prevent the cutting machine internal overheating, play a cooling role! From the cutting principle, and is divided into contact arc and non-contact arc two ways, the general manual bending gun can be used in two ways, the universal use of non-contact arc machine! As for the cutting thickness, the same manual power size, than the machine with a straight handle cutting gun cutting thickness! Whatever power, CNC cutting machine speed is faster than the flames, but cutting effect is not as good as the flame, because the vertical flame cutting, plasma cutting slope, plasma cutting at the same time almost all of the metal material, but not fire, can not be used for cutting non-ferrous metal, mainly used for cutting carbon steel materials, cutting thickness limit at the same time, less than 5 mm, Flame cutting deformation, must use CNC cutting machine or other cutting equipment to process! Many workpiece cooling is natural cooling or cutting platform installed with water for dustproof water cooling. Cutting torch and cooling parts for plasma power supply is generally divided into two ways: air cooled (cutting torch blown gas protection within the cutting torch and the cutting torch cooling parts) and circulating cooling liquid cooling (cutting torch contains liquid into the tube and tube of produced liquid, liquid circulation cooling after wearing parts around back to plasma power supply cooling fluid box in an infinite loop).

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