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Automobile industry

Publisher:   Release time:2021/10/9 14:53:09

With the continuous improvement of the quality of modern life, cars have become a necessary tool for people to travel. Consumers' pursuit of personalization, function and taste also leads to continuous innovation in automobile manufacturing technology and the launch of new generations of products. This is a big test for carmakers, who need to consider how to improve their manufacturing skills while reducing production costs.
Thanks to the advantages of non-contact, flexible and high precision machining, laser application technology has basically covered all fields of automobile manufacturing industry, especially laser cutting technology, has been comprehensively applied in automobile parts, body, door frame, trunk, roof cover and other aspects.
As one of the industries with a very high degree of intelligence at present, automobile manufacturing has integrated a variety of production processes, and laser, as one of the important technologies, has achieved up to 70% of the intelligent production of accessories. The emergence of laser cutting technology, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Jinzhi Laser provides customers with a variety of high-quality intelligent laser sheet metal equipment, which can meet the requirements of sheet metal processing of different materials and different thicknesses. Jinzhi Laser continues to invest in special research and development technology, making the machine operation more stable, more efficient production, more intelligent operation. Jinzhi Laser has a fast and professional after-sales service team, each equipment has a professional team to follow up, committed to quick response to solve problems.

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