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Electric cabinet industry

Publisher:   Release time:2021/10/9 14:56:16

Now the chassis electrical cabinet materials are turned to metal materials, and the chassis electrical cabinet is widely used in various industries, the quality requirements are also higher. As we all know, laser cutting machine for metal cutting is another ingenuity, the chassis along the steel plate can achieve no burr, burr, sharp edge of the high process.
Traditional plate shearing machine, turret, plasma cutting machine can not meet customer needs, such as in the customer requirements of many high-precision, personalized products to sample delivery, and can not achieve its quality effect, if you want to entrust outsourcing processing, time and can not guarantee and need to pay the corresponding costs, which will cause great losses.
The application of metal laser cutting machine saves more production costs and creates a more efficient production cycle for the mechanical electrical cabinet manufacturing industry. However, the previous large volume, simple design, long production cycle of the cabinet industry design, have to follow the modern market demand for cutting technology reform. Jinzhi Laser provides customers with a variety of high-quality intelligent laser sheet metal equipment, which can meet the requirements of sheet metal processing of different materials and different thicknesses. Jinzhi Laser continues to invest in special research and development technology, making the machine operation more stable, more efficient production, more intelligent operation. Jinzhi Laser has a fast and professional after-sales service team, each equipment has a professional team to follow up, committed to quick response to solve problems.

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